Who We Serve

We believe that each story matters, and we are here to help individuals, couples, and families heal from wounds, gain strength and confidence, and move forward into each new chapter with a clearer perspective. We do this by providing high quality, outpatient mental health services in the form of assessment, therapy, counseling, and consulting.


We work with individuals age 12 and up on a large variety of issues, including trauma recovery, emotional abuse, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, life skill coaching and more.


We are proud to provide compassionate, research-based care to Children (ages 0-12) dealing with trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, attachment, grief or loss, as well as transition or adjustment issues.

Dating Couples

Wondering if your relationship is headed in the right direction? We can help by offering compatibility testing / coaching, as well as counseling to help you determine if your relationship has what it takes to last a lifetime.


For engaged couples headed to the altar, we offer a premarital package that includes a set number of sessions intended to help you build a solid foundation for your brand new marriage.

Married Couples

No matter how long (or short) you’ve been married, we are here to help you and your spouse resolve conflict, fight stagnation, and deepen in passion and commitment. We often work with spouses individually and together.


There are many different situations where a family may seek counseling together. We seek to further the health of the family as a whole, as well as the particular needs of each individual member. 


Our consulting services for businesses utilize a variety of assessment tools. We can assist with improving communication and interpersonal relationships, increasing productivity, making strategic hires, and more.